Our Vision

The staff at the Cokato Elementary Media Center are committed to serving students, parents, and staff. Our vision is to promote lifelong learning through the use and admiration of literature and several forms of media and technology. Our goal is to create successful information literate students through effective practices in an enjoyable atmosphere.

Media Specialist Services Explained

1. Acquisition of Resources
Provide students with up-to-date print and electronic information media. Seek new technology to teach both students and staff. Maintain staff equipment and solve technology system problems. 

2. Student Instruction
Teach students media and technology skills needed to become information literate citizens. Instruct ALL Kindergarten-Fourth grades students in accessing and evaluating multiple types of resources. Provide students with the proper skills to become responsible digital citizens. 

3. Staff Collaboration and Development 
Collaboratively design media and technology plans with classroom teachers. Actively seeks quality technology resources for both teachers and support staff. Provide teachers and support staff with quality training that develops technology skills.  
              Our Staff
Our helpful staff is here to assist students, parents, and staff in all their information needs. The Media Center staff provides and organizes over 12,000 books for students' reading enjoyment. The media assistants are responsible for cataloging and processing new books. They also oversee the check in/check out process of over 500 students and their books on a daily basis. Their meticulous examination of in-going and outgoing books provide patrons with the most quality resources. The staff also oversee our quiz software, Reading Counts and prize distribution. Students read a book and then take a quiz to measure their comprehension. When student reaches a point milestone, they receive a prize for their efforts. Staff members may also request books from the media center. The paraprofessionals expedite the teachers' requests in a timely manner providing teachers with the materials they need to do their job. The support staff in the Cokato Elementary Media Center are truly in integral component of our beloved library.