Cokato Elementary School Handbook 

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to Cokato Elementary!  There has been much excitement and enthusiasm around our school that a new school year is ready to begin! A new addition to our building, new teachers added to our team, and students will have new classrooms to attend. Dassel-Cokato is truly a special place and I am honored to be a part of the school and communities that will strive to provide your children with an amazing year of learning, investigating, problem-solving, and growing at Cokato Elementary! 

Our handbook is designed to be a guide in understanding a number of building and district wide procedures.  Another purpose is to assist you in communicating with our staff.  Please refer to the phone extensions and e-mail addresses of our staff included in the handbook. It is our hope that you will use these tools to communicate with us on a regular basis.  Please do not hesitate to contact us when questions or concerns arise.  Our first priority at Cokato Elementary is your children and every decision we make is based on what is best for them.

You are invited to become active participants in the education of your child. We are pleased to welcome you into our district and building, and we encourage you to extend an invitation to attend our events to family members, senior citizens, and other community members. The more family and community members that can be involved in the education of our children, the stronger we all become in our community.   

We have a very active parent volunteer program at Cokato Elementary. We welcome parents and community members to become involved in this program. Consider giving our volunteer coordinator a call to learn more about these opportunities. Many tasks can be done from home as well as in the classroom. The staff and students are very appreciative of your willingness to assist them in and outside of the classroom when it helps them in their learning opportunities.

Our children are our most precious resource. Each child is unique and special in his or her own way. When our children see us working together to make their school year a positive experience, it provides them the confidence and reassurance to always do their best. The staff and I look forward to this cooperative, educational experience for everyone.


Cokato Elementary Principal
320-286-4100 ext. 1304